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NIDA Box v2.0
NIDA Highrise 10 (RC, Steel and Composite Buildings Design)
This product is for analysis and design of building structures, which can be modeled by advanced story function. The slabs, walls as well as beams and columns can be meshed automatically before performing analysis. The design of steel, RC and composite members is followed by Hong Kong design practices so far. The analysis methods include first-order linear analysis, second-order direct analysis, modal analysis, eigen-buckling analysis, pushover analysis, time history analysis, linear & nonlinear staged analysis. The main features of NIDA Building are as follows:
  • Comply with the requirements of second-order direct analysis (HKSC-2011, Eurocode3-2005, AISC360, GB50017-2017)
  • Support Multi-CPU,High computational efficiency
  • Support text input,import models from other software
  • Provide 41 general sections and 17 composite column sections
  • Consider both frame and member imperfections (One element per member)
  • Support static & dynamic second-order inelastic analysis of steel & composite structures
  • Support semi-rigid connection
  • Support linear & nonlinear staged analysis

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