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NIDA Box v2.0
NIDA Professional 10 (Steel Structures Design)
This product is for analysis and design of long-span roof, frame structures, transmission tower, scaffolding, space truss, cable structures and shell structures, etc. The analysis methods include first-order linear analysis, second-order direct analysis, modal analysis, eigen-buckling analysis, pushover analysis, time history analysis, linear & nonlinear staged analysis. The main features of NIDA Professional are as follows:
  • Comply with the requirements of second-order direct analysis (HKSC-2011, Eurocode3-2005, AISC360, GB50017-2017)
  • Support Multi-CPU,High computational efficiency
  • Support text input,import models from other software
  • Provide 41 general sections
  • Consider both frame and member imperfections (One element per member)
  • Support static & dynamic second-order inelastic analysis of steel structures
  • Support semi-rigid connection
  • Support linear & nonlinear staged analysis

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