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NIDA Box v2.0
NIDA RCD 2018 (RC, Steel and Composite Sections Design)
This product is advanced and technology-leading cross-section analysis and design software, which belongs to the NIDA product family. The software assists engineer to design the arbitrary and complex cross-section for beam-column or wall sections. Besides the codified material properties can be selected, any advanced types of material curves obtained from experiments or available literatures can directly input in analysis. Additionally, not only the plastic capacity in ultimate limit state of a section can be obtained in the program, but also the elastic capacity in serviceability limit state can be also evaluated. The main features of NIDA RCD are as follows:
  • Support arbitrary and complex cross-sections
  • Reliable algorithm for fiber mesh
  • Support several material models
  • High computational efficiency
  • Provide elastic and plastic P-My-Mz surfaces

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