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Project Reference List

Item Number Project Description Work Performed
1 F1 Racing Consultancy Services Advanced Analysis and Design of Temporary Demountable Spectator Stands. Vibration Analysis. Modification of Structural Configuration with Direct Analysis Method. New Component Specification.
2 Product Development and Certification Consultancy Services Advanced Analysis for assessment and certification of conformity for temporary works products. Eurocode calibration tests for reliability checks. Direct design and specification of structural configurations for manufacture of new Scaffold Systems.
3 Demolition Consultancy Services Research report and specification for use of recycled aggregates as piling mat. Grading specification of aggregates.
4 Structural Engineering for High Rise City Centre Refurbishment with Integration of New Joined Structure Consultancy Services Progressive collapse analysis. Ultimate limit states appraisal. Frame factorisation. Stability analysis. Specification of hoarding systems and bridged movement joints. Design and specification of temporary works for stability during interventions and construction. Appraisal and design of composite RC members with steel frames for continuity of the structural systems. Wind analysis and stability analysis of high rise site accommodations. Appraisal of soil interactions with structures and specification of retention schemes.
5 Product Development and Certification Consultancy Services Appraisal of existing sports arena fencing and hoarding systems. Advanced analysis and direct design of composite mesh and steel frames fence systems with component specification for certification of conformity. Dynamic analysis for rebound of sports balls. Stability analysis for accidental actions: climbing and security.
6 Working and NonWorking Scaffolds Analysis and Design Consultancy Services Extensive advanced and direct analysis and design of complex temporary scaffold structures for the exact solution of the principle requirements of BS5975, BSEN 12812-1,2, BSEN1993, BSEN 1990. High rise, long span, bridged and complex scaffolding structures that are naturally prone to buckling have been appraised for collapse, fail safe and limit state objectives.
7 Building Appraisals Consultancy Services Multi Storey Car Park direct stability analysis of composite structural frame following large movements.
8 Building Appraisals Consultancy Services Appraisal of historic and listed composite reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and timber structures for advanced and direct analysis of permanent steel support structures to extend design life.
9 Design Supervision Level 3 Project Management Consultancy Services and Specification Large residential and commercial developments, architect led. Global analysis of various buildings, interactions, wind effects, foundation specification, pile analysis, masonry analysis, stability analysis. Specification of composite system structural members in steel, masonry, precast concrete, reinforced concrete and timber.
 10 Commercial Warehousing Development Consultancy services Conceptual design and specification of large scale warehousing schemes. Tall with long span slender frames with multi span roofing. Stability analysis with advanced analysis and direct design. Reliable factorisation of components with safer outcome of long term effects.
11 Bridges Long span slender and covered Consultancy Services Design supervision level 3 services, quality supervision for manufacture relating to RC3 reliability requirements. Connection design, wind analysis, appraisal of the ultimate limit states, vibration analysis, advanced analysis for buckling effects, Eigen buckling analysis and recommendations for regulatory requirements. Onsite project management.
12 Product Development and Certification Consultancy Services and Project Management High security Embassy façade systems advanced analysis and direct design. Design for reliability and quality relating to RC3 requirements with specification of American and European regulatory requirements and implementation in detailed design to facilitate manufacture.
13 Remediation and integration of structures consultancy services with Project Management Historic structures appraisal and investigation of railway structures: masonry viaducts, arches and complete range of tensile and compressive masonry structures. Advanced analysis and design for temporary support works during construction phase with specification of temporary works and integrated permanent steel structures. Wind analysis and composite design for masonry and steel structures. Feature long span steel frame and glass kissing roof, stability analysis and factorisation.
14 Construction Product Development and stability analysis Long cantilevered steel balcony advanced analysis and direct design with development of connection finite element spring model for interaction effects of joints with reinforced concrete plinths via bespoke proprietary connection products. Collapse analysis and limit state design for fail safe construction.
15 Pro Bono Publico Consultancy Services and Project Management Investigation and appraisal of historic Church for Parish to resolve real reasons for structural movement that manifested in structural fracture of the arches, columns and walls. Specification of spatial surveys, soil surveys, chemical analysis of soil structure reactants and integrated steel/masonry permanent ductility measures. Identification of sulphate attack in concrete as cause of substantial floor lifting.

NIDA can do all of this and more, however it is our aim to make our clients self profficient through the use of our software by working and learning as one.

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