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At NIDA, we integrate safety with every action we make. As highly qualified Engineers, our training and education have firm foundations in safe working practices. The methods we promote and the software we produce give our clients a close understanding of a structure in its environment.

A more accurate and efficent structure is the result and greater flexibility in layout and manufacture is possible. The upper hand may be gained in todays competitive market to offer a more robust and safer steel structure with members working as they should. NIDA considers ductility, redundancy and redistribution of moments which are important factors for safe structural designs.

Nida removes uncertainy.

Nida works to prevent progressive collapse.

Nida delivers the power to our clients to mitigate disproportionate damage in highly unlikely events.

  • Guidance
  • Knowledge
  • Expertise in all environments
  • Risks assessed
  • Workable and acurate method statements
  • Real and buildable solutions can be achieved

Through our software and services we help our customers make the safest and most economical structural selections.

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