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Economic Structures

Economy of members for more efficient and functional structures has long been a target of Engineers. Innovation in analysis and design can lead to visually pleasing and impressive installations for future generations to come and improve the quality of life of our society.

To that end, research in analysis methods and structural assemblies is at the front of NIDA's aspirations. By working with closely with our customers, we can research new innovations and develop exciting analysis tools and efficient structural products for industry.

  • Industry experience
  • Academic research
  • NIDA accurate modelling
  • Innovative Development
  • Efficent structures and products

Current areas of research are:

  • Scaffolds
  • Grandstands
  • Temporary works
  • Frames
  • Composite structures
  • Progressive collapse simulations
  • Fire-limit state analysis
  • Performance-based seismic design

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