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Elastic vs. Plastic Analysis

Elastic or first-plastic-hinge design has been used for century and plastic analysis is mainly limited to portal frame design. While steel accepted for use in building structures is reasonably ductile and has a minimum elongation at fracture of 15%, the ignorance of favorable effect in redundant structures by using elastic analysis is unjustifiable and un-sustainable for several reasons as follows.

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Elastic Critical Load Factor λcr

Elastic Critical Load Factor (lcr) is an indicator for buckling sensitivity of a structure. The larger the value is the less sensitive to sway buckling effect the structure is. It can also be used to compute the amplification moment (M) from the moment obtained by a linear analysis ( M') as,

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Load and Construction Sequences

 Sequential loads and segmental structural components are considered by assigning design load cases and structural elements to different load stages and they are applied by the load stage number sequentially, see Figure1. Applying a set of loads in the first load stage and keeping them constant in the second load stage with a set of additional loads allow us to simulate load sequence.

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